There are very beautiful water falls and unlimited water ways at lankagama entrance to sinharaja rain forest. Those are BRAHMANA FALLS, THATTU FALLS, DOOWILI FALLS, URAN WETUNA FALLS, GAL ORUWA FALLS, NUGA DEKA FALLS, KEKUNA FALLS. All those waterfalls and catogories in Sri Lankan maior waterfalls list and it may seen various sceneries in various angles. Some waterfalls are very higher and ome are narrow one's. Dhuwili Ella is most beautiful water fall in sinharaja and Galdoruwa Ella is some what different shape of water falls. Water falls locations a below section.


Brahkmana Ella

Dhuvili Ella

Uran Wetuna Ella


Thattu Ella

Galoruwa Ella

Nuga deka ella

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