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Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a national park and a biodiversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. It is of international significance and has been designated a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO. According to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Sinharaja is the country's last viable area of primary tropical rain-forest. More than 60% of the trees are endemic and many of them are considered rare. The hilly virgin rain-forest, part of the Sri Lanka lowland rain forests Eco region, was saved from the worst of commercial logging by its inaccessibility, and was designated a World Biosphere Reserve in 1978 and a World Heritage Site in 1988. The reserve's name translates as Lion Kingdom.

The Pavarone Eco Lodge Sinharaja offers comfortable accommodation in the outskirts of the Sri Lanka rainforest of Sinharaja. The Sinharaja Rainforest being a “World Heritage” site offers a variety of beautiful creations of mother nature within the well balanced and preserved “eco system” cool springs, winding rivers, cascading water falls, thick forest inherited by endemic fauna and flora adds beauty and tranquility to the visitor.Just 50m to sinharaja entrance.

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